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Help and FAQs

Please note: For security reasons, it was not possible to integrate the old customer data into the new shop. That’s why we kindly ask you to sign up again.

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In which format is sheet music provided?

The sheet music on notafina is offered in PDF format. You can open the sheet music files with Adobe Reader. All sheet music can be printed on standard printers in A4 format. Sheet music bought at notafina has a digital watermark. This allows you to see on each page when you bought them and also makes each file identifiable as your own personal copy.


How do I pay on notafina?

On our platform, you can pay by credit card (Mastercard or VISA), PayPal, SOFORT Überweisung or via a voucher.

How can I download my sheet music at notafina?

1. Login into your account (you can find the login in the upper black menue bar "My Account")
2. If you are logged in, you will find a menue on the left screen. Please choose the last menue entry "My downloadable products"
3. You will see a list of your orders and there is a small message in red "Request download" or (if you have requested the download) there will be appear "start download"
4. If you have not requested the download please klick "request download"
5. Wait 5-10 Minutes and than refresh your browser (in Firefox, Chrome and Internetexplorer please use the F5 Key on your Keyboard). Your download will be produced in this time and personalized. After you have reloaded the page, the red message should change the status to "start download".
6. Click the message "start download" and the download will start. Don't forget to save the file on your device!

How do I redeem a voucher?

Enter the code indicated on the back of the voucher in the coupon code field in your shopping cart. The balance will be credited to your account.


What does the field 'My Wishlist' mean?

It’s possible to add products to your wishlist. Just click on the star symbol next to “add to cart”. You can find your wishlist under 'My Account'/'My Wishlist'. There you can decide if you want to buy these products yourself or if you want to send the list to a friend so he can make you a present. If you like to send the wishlist to a friend you just need to click on the button “SHARE WISHLIST”. Then you can input the email address from your friend and add a personal message. When you’re ready, click on “Share Wishlist” and your friend will receive a mail.


What does the field 'Purchase for' mean in connection with the individual products in the shopping cart?

Under 'Purchase for' you can enter users for all products. This might be useful, for example, if titles are bought for your own choir according to the number of choir members. 


Password Forgotten? What do I do?

Click the menu button 'Sign in' and select the function 'Password Forgotten'. In the next step, you will be asked for your email address. Once entered we will send you a new password which you can change in your customer account at any time.


How do I change my email address?

You can change your personal data including your email address under 'My Account' in the category 'Account Information' at any time.


What do I do in the case of a failed download?

You may reload your sheet music within 24 hours. Please visit 'My Account/My Downloadable Products'.


How do I delete an item from the shopping cart?

 Click 'My Cart'. You then see a list of all sheet music items in your shopping cart. Each item can be deleted from this list separately. To do that, please click the delete button beside the product that you wish to remove.


Where do I find previously purchased downloads?

You can find a list of your previous purchases on notafina under 'My Account/My Downloadable Products'.


May I copy or transfer sheet music of notafina?

Please note that the sheet music files bought by you must neither be transferred nor copied. Sheet music downloads bought on notafina do not entitle the buyer to make or transfer copies. If you need more than one copy of a piece, you will have to buy the corresponding number of copies on notafina.
Sheet music bought on notafina may be saved or printed immediately. All sheet music items purchased by you have a digital watermark. This allows you to see on each page when you bought them and also makes each file identifiable as your own personal copy.



How do I subscribe to the notafina newsletter?

At the bottom of every page you can find a black box with an input field for your email address. Fill in your your address and click on the button “SUBSCRIBE”. We will then inform you regularly about news and highlights from our range of titles.


How do I unsubscribe from the notafina newsletter?

Please send a brief email to with the reference 'Unsubscribe'.




notafina is an active supporter of the initiative for fair dealings with copyrighted music. The initiative PLAY FAIR - RESPECT MUSIC is a joint project of the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien in Hanover, the Association of German School Musicians and the Federal Association of Music Industry. As well as other associations and initiatives, educational music publishers, universities and music academies are partners in this project. PLAY FAIR - RESPECT MUSIC advocates musical, creative commitment and creative music teaching at schools in order to counteract the devaluation of music. The initiative comprises campaigns in favour of the further education of teachers.

How do I become a publisher-partner with notafina?

It is very easy and simple for publishers to participate in notafina. If requested we can send you further information. Please send an email to


notafina GmbH, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 1, 55129 Mainz

+49 6131 246-0